UK Christian Science Churches and Reading Rooms

The Bible gives us a standard of healing resting on timeless and universal spiritual laws. Mary Baker Eddy’s work Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures shows how the healings in the Bible were accomplished, and how we can claim that same healing for ourselves, our families, and our world.

Authentic takes on timely topics - written by and for teens

A series of themed articles of inspirational content that supports your prayers for yourself and for the world around you.

Centered on the Bible and the writings of Mary Baker Eddy, these talks describe how relevant the spiritual laws behind Christ Jesus’ healing works are to our lives. They show the practicality of these teachings by sharing healings of individual, community, and global problems happening today.

In Christian Science, the power of prayer lies not in faith alone but in a deeper understanding of God’s divine laws, which embrace humanity. This understanding touches and transforms the heart. Many people have found that as God’s presence and love become more real and tangible, healing and regeneration occur naturally.

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